One Direction Song Sounds An Awful Lot Like New Found Glory

It’s not uncommon for bands to be influenced by the works of previous bands. It’s also not uncommon for bands to borrow a portion of a song with the permission of the original creator. Sadly, it is also not uncommon for a band to copy another’s work without permission. Apparently the song “Steal My Girl” by One Direction has taken a significant amount of inspiration from another song, “It’s Not Your Fault” by New Found Glory. Recently One Direction came under fire by New Found Glory lead guitarist, Chad Gilbert for the group apparently copying their song.

In some recent tweets, Gilbert said, “Props to the One Direction ‘Steal My Girl” single for reworking the ‘It’s Not Your Fault’ piano part into a top 40 single. Let me get a cut.”

Hayley Williams of Paramore seems to agree with Gilbert saying,

“Beginning of that new 1D song couldn’t sound any more like the beginning of New Found Glory’s ‘It’s Not Your Fault'”

We don’t want to get involved and choose sides, necessarily, but what do you guys think?