“Stick it to the man, Justice for all” in the new “Better Call Saul” music video

A year ago, most of us couldn’t stop talking about Walter White’s fate in the season finale of “Breaking Bad”. Then months later, there were talks of a spin off show for Saul Goodman, the CRIMINAL, criminal lawyer in Breaking Bad played by Bob Odenkirk. Now, another teaser for “Better Call Saul”, airing February 2015, has emerged! Take a look…

So far, the video gives little to no detail for the show but it still going to keep us busy wondering. Plus the song is catchy. Too bad Saul’s theme song will never be as epic as “Breaking Bad”…..

Breaking Bad Giphy

So, since we’re on the subject… who else is looking forward to another great story line from director Vince Gilligan? Or better yet, who do you think would have gotten a better spin off show? I would have voted for Mike… That dude is a badass…