Iggy Pop Gets Why People Hated Having U2’s Album Forced On Them


The Godfather of Punk was in London at BBC Radio 6 giving a lecture on selling out in the industry, stealing music and why people hated having U2’s new album forced upon them.

Iggy had this to say on the album appearing in your iTunes account:

“The people who don’t want the free U2 download are trying to say, don’t try to force me. And they’ve got a point.” “Part of the process when you buy something from an artist, it’s a kind of anointing, you are giving people love. It’s your choice to give or withhold. You are giving a lot of yourself, besides the money.”

“But in this particular case, without the convention, maybe some people felt like they were robbed of that chance and they have a point.”

If you want to hear the full lecture by Iggy Pop click here.