HBO is getting me very excited for 2016

Over the weekend HBO released 2 teasers for new shows that will be premiering in 2016. The first one I saw was for “Vinyl” a show about the record industry in the 70’s.  Being into most things music and the fact that Mick Jagger and his son are involved with this project, I have been excited for this show for weeks!  The minute long trailer is pretty much everything you would expect, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Obviously, it’s not entirely safe for work.  But then today I discovered the trailer for Westworld.  Do you remember there was a movie by the same name back in the 70’s?  It was written by Michael Crichton….. you know the Jurassic Park dude? Anyway this show looks super legit too!  A music show and a Sci-fi show….  HBO is stealing my geeky heart.  Enjoy these trailers at your own risk.  Xo – CT