Get excited for BØRNS at FestivALT!

Listen, truth be told, I might have a little crush on Garrett. But you would too if you saw him live and were subjected to his onstage charm. He’s charismatic, talented, and he knows how to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Now, I don’t think he will be pulling any Rabbits from hats at FestivALT on Saturday. But, he will captivate you with his positive vibes. He’s so dreamy, and that voice…  le sigh. He is absolutely a MUST SEE! This is not just me being a fan girl… I mean it, I would not steer you wrong. Garrett BØRNS is a star! Chances are BØRNS will be your new favorite thing after festivALT. As in you will have his album “Dopamine” on repeat for at least a week. Honestly, his music is so great it’s one of the only things that can make my nieces stop crying. If that doesn’t make you interested, well you are hard to impress. haha. Watch the video below… see what he’s all about and then buy tickets before it’s too late! See you in 3 days!  xo – CT
ps – that was a pic on me and Garrett from when I ran into him at Valley Bar last week. Clearly, I was super happy about it! haha.