The magic of Disney

Disney has a truly magical impact on kids. My second memory in life was going to Disneyland in California… I was 3 years and 1 month old. I remember the plane ride, main street, the inside of the castle, goofy walking right past a much shorter easier to miss version of me, and so much more. My point is Disney affects kids in a very special way. As adults we sometimes have a hard time comprehending how truly special it is to see TV/ movies/ cartoons/ imagination come to life. Kids aren’t skeptics, they believe everything in the universe around them is real. That’s why this story brought a tear to my eye. The little boy, in the video below, has autism and is completely scared of strangers, until the he met Snow White. According to his mother, Jackson has never smiled at anyone other than immediate family. But this little boy is enamored with Snow White, he even rests his head in her lap. This moment, and moments like this, are why I love Disney, and have loved Disney since I was 3 years old. xo – CT

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