Life is Beautiful 2016

This is for sure going to be an uncommon opinion, but Life is Beautiful is probably my favorite music festival. It’s only been around for 3 years, but I have gone for the past 2 years. It’s become part of my annual to do list and here are 10 reasons why:

  1. The lineup – it’s always filled with BANDS and DJs I want to see
  2. Las Vegas – I can drive.  No need to spend extra money on airfare.
  3. Las Vegas – I stay in Old Vegas and that’s fun in and of it’s self.
  4. Easy of Entry – this is similar to 3, but a lot of festivals are hard to get in and out of and I don’t have time for that Coachella like nonsense. I can walk to the festival from the hotel in Old Vegas.
  5. No Camping – listen I like camping, I’ve done it at the Grand Canyon, I’ve done it at Burning Man, I did it while rafting down the Delaware river. But the comfort of a shower, air conditioning, and most importantly not having to pack all that extra gear is great!
  6. The Crowd – I feel like I am the most similar to everyone in this crowd out of all the festivals I have been to. For reference those include, Coachella, Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, Governors Ball, Reading, and some others that aren’t as well known. The crowd is young, fun, and most importantly they are fans of the bands they are going to see. This is not the see and be seen crowd, these are people who aren’t music elitists, but are music fans.
  7. The Art – You will be in awe of some of the art you see at Life Is Beautiful.  It’s very different than what you see at Coachella, but still just as amazing.
  8. DRINKS – It’s vegas you can take your drink anywhere.  You don’t have to roped off in a section far away from the stage.  The foods pretty good too…
  9. VIP – if you pay for VIP tickets, you will get VIP viewing and access to charging stations and other delightfully awesome things.  It’s actually worth the money.
  10. Ideas – this festival also has amazing inspiration speakers, that will share ideas and thoughts, that will definitely get you motivated to make a difference.

BONUS – the Ferris Wheel.  If a festival has a Ferris Wheel you must experience it….  Last year I saw Glass Animals on the main stage of Life is beautiful while riding the Ferris wheel. It’s a game changer and total experience enhancer.

So now you’re probably wondering about the 2016 lineup…  so check the video below.  Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am.

xo – Christy Taylor