Charlie Sheen turns misfortune into money

By now you’ve heard that Charlie Sheen is H.I.V. positive. But the dude knows how to “win” at life… he just took that misfortune straight to the bank! He’s now endorsing a brand new, state of the art, perhaps even magical condom. HEX condoms are apparently designed to avoid breaking and slippage. Now, I’m not a scientist or anything, but I really don’t think many women will want to try their luck with these condoms and Charlie. But I could be wrong… I mean some people play Russian Roulette… so maybe? Either way, Charlie Sheen endorsing these condoms is going to get them press EVERYWHERE! So he makes money, HEX condoms get attention, and everyone is winning! See what I did there…. ha! Expect “winning” memes all over the internet again. See the full story here. xo – CT