BANKS – F*** With Myself

Dude, BANKS is everything. I am so obsessed with this musician, I can’t even begin to explain. She was my most listened to Artist on Spotify in 2014 when her last album came out. Now she’s back with the first track off her yet to be released Sophomore album. As you can tell by the song title, the language in this song is definitely not safe for work, but this song is 100% worth listening to!!! Seriously, it’s so good; and the video is haunting, artistic, nude-ish, and next level. If you don’t know about BANKS the best way I could describe her is probably by saying that she is a slightly tortured soul who writes crazy girl brain lyrics that are presented in a PBR&B meets trip hop type fashion. So enjoy at your own NSFW risk and I hope you dig this song as much as I do. xo – CT

PS – BANKS is probably my favorite of all the Alternative CHRISTYosities.