The Lost Boys – TV show

As someone who watches pretty much all of the vampire TV shows and has read a lot of Vampire books, I obviously notice when new Vampire things are in the works. If you are a fan of the TV show Vampire Diaries, well then you might have heard that the CW is looking to bring that series to a close.  But no worries Vampire TV fans, we will still have the Originals, a much better show in my opinion, and the CW is going to be making a TV adaption of The Lost Boys!!!  The series is going to take on the iconic cult film, one decade at a time.  From what I understand each season will feature a decade and the plan is to have the series cover 70 years… so math says, the initial plan is to have this show on for 7 seasons!!!  Watch the original Lost Boys trailer below for a little refresher….  then check this story for more info.  xo  – CT