Netflix Is The Real MVP, Saving Kids From Watching 150 Hours Of Commercials A Year

According to Exstreamist, kids ages between the ages of two and eighteen watch an average of 1 and a half hours of Netflix (or other advertisement free streaming services) everyday. That’s about 650 hours of streaming every year. According to Nielson, every hour of TV has 14 minutes of advertising. That amounts to 6 days a year of commercials telling children that they need sugary cereal/snacks, or a new overhyped toy.

While it’s questionable what harm putting a very young child in front of a screen for a stretch of an hour or more can do, it may do some good in fighting childhood obesity if children aren’t being bombarded by advertisements that involve a sugary junk food, or for a fast food restaurant.  It could even save parents more money in the long run if the child doesn’t feel like he/she really really needs that brand new overhyped toy that they see on TV.