Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2017 Has Been Canceled

According to Benjamin Leatherman at Phoenix New TimesAmazing Comic Conventions (parent company of Amazing Arizona Comic Con) has decided to pull the plug on Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2017.

A statment from Amazing Comic Conventions said that, “In 2017, we have taken the both Arizona and Houston Conventions off our show schedule. Changes in guest policies, the comic market, and social climate were causes to re-evaluate moving forward in these cities. Phoenix and Houston are both strong fan communities with multiple genre celebrations throughout the calendar year. While we feel the perspective of Amazing Comic Conventions remains unique, where the Architects of Pop Culture are on the marquee, featuring primarily comic creators; we believe a greater attention can be built by focusing on each of two calendar dates, building these to be the best events possible.”

Phoenix New Times were unable to get a response from Amazing Comic Conventions, but do have reason to believe that this cancelation is due to the saturation in the Arizona geek “market” when it comes to conventions.

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