History of Alternative Music

Have you ever debated with your friends on where, when, and how the alternative genre started? Well debate no more, because the shop We Are Dorothy has made a “blueprint” for the history of alternative music. According to WIRED,  “To organize these complex connections, Quail based the poster on a circuit board from a transistor radio. (Dorothy’s last music-mapping print, of electronic music, used the circuit board from a theremin as the template.) For the new print, Quail picked the The Regency TR-1—the first commercially available Transistor Radio—for symbolic reasons: it came out in 1954, the year Bill Haley & His Comets recorded “Rock around the Clock”.


From the Dorothy website, this beautiful history of Alternative map is a “metallic gold screen print on 120gsm Keaykolour navy blue uncoated paper, (H60 x W80cm)”, and retails for 33£ (about $43 USD).

And what better time to study the history of alternative than during an Alt AZ Rewind Weekend?