The Surprising side of Imagine Dragons’s “Believer”

“Believer” is one of many Imagine Dragons’s newer selections, and so far it’s doing decently well for itself. Some fans do wonder though if this new hit will be able to carry the band back to the top of the Billboard’s chart, like their older song, “Radiation” did years ago. But for a song to be number one, it needs to have that something extra to push it above and beyond the rest. Well check this out, next time you’re listening to this song over on YouTube, go into the settings and set the speed to 1.5X. You’ll be quick to hear that the song’s instrumental could pass off as a very well-made rap beat, with the vocals sounding like something out of a pro rhyme buster.

This is silly but enjoyable neverless, check it out for yourself down below and make sure to support the band’s social media accounts!

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Imagine Dragons – Believer  (Audio)

(Audio and picture are credit of VEVO)