The Switch Hopes to be a New Beginning

Nintendo’s new console the Switch is out to the public now, and many are curious to see how well it does. In regards to day one sales, Nintendo (as per usual) blew it out of the water with many retailers announcing that all of their pre-orders went out within the span of a week of the console’s first public appearance back in January. This console boasts the newest entry into The Legend of Zelda franchise, Breath of the Wild. This game proves to be the number one source of income for the system starting out, as it not only holds one of the most well-regarded names in video games, but its open-world twist has many people, both old and new fans intrigued.

Let’s not ignore some of the concerning info about the Switch as well, as there have been reports of syncing problems with some of the controllers, a battery life that many find….”concerning” (Some reports saying that is the console is undocked, the battery life is anywhere between 3-6 hours, with the duration being based off how demanding the game being played is), and the price for extra controllers being a bit high.

All things considered, everyone is wondering what effect the Switch will bring. Will it be a smashing financial success like the Wii? Maybe the console’s portable capabilities will shift the casual market as people will see how versatile and portable the Switch is. All we can do now is see the numbers roll in and speculate what Nintendo will do next.

Until next time, Alt Rock On!

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