Foo Fighters: The Puppet Masters to Our Emotions

This band may have been around since the late 90’s, but dang have they not lost their touch. Ever since “Learn To Fly” dropped all those years ago, the Foo Fighters have had an interesting way of drawing in anyone with their distinctive sound. The two elements responsible for this trait are their powerful percussion lines and the raw, unfiltered, almost exposed singing style that Dave Grohl has enamored audiences with. The song that displays this best has to be their mid 2000’s hit “Best of You” as not only does the instrumental punch in all the right ways, but Grohl has such sincerity that not only does it sound like he is speaking to each member of the audience on a personal level, but his concern and questioning sounds like he genuinely cares about each about us like a concerned friend. Head on down below to rewatch the music video (presented by VEVO) for “Best of You” and try to not sing along to the chorus (good luck) and just analyze how Grohl communicates his feelings when he is preforming.

Image Credit to Christopher Mark

Image Credit to Christopher Mark

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