Pop Punk has No Leader Nowadays

Pretend it’s the early years of the 21st century, your just chilling in your room playing some Gamecube, decked out in the freshest Tony Hawk gear, and Blink 182 is blasting in the background…good times, right? It sure seems so, but the river that is time waits for no one, and we have all aged since then. With that time, some things had had to grow and change to stay relevant, to complete the comparison from earlier, Nintendo has introduced the Switch, Our clothing of choice now has a 70% chance of having an animal on it, and Blink 182 is still around, but something seems off. Blink 182 is ok, but Pop Punk’s role in pop culture has dropped significantly. What happened to feeling both excited and rebellious against the machine? What happened to the old stylings of early Fall out Boy, Paramore, and Bowling For Soup? (<— Seriously miss these guys in particular) Well to put it simply, general audiences have moved on. Pop Punk has been left behind, and now the only groups producing something even close to that kind of sounds are underground groups (which I recommend that do some searching around). In order for this subgenre to get some attention nowadays its going to need a leading group, one that not only breaks the mold to get the attention of the masses, but one that also encompasses the essence of the genre. Does such a group exist? is a resurgence even possible? well, I sure hope so, and if you know about any groups that could fit this position, tell us about it in the comments, we would love to now your opinion on this.

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!