Is There Room for Twenty One Pilots in Mainstream Music Anymore?

2016 was definitely the year that Twenty One Pilots broke out and became a household name with many songs off of their Blurryface album dominating the charts for the majority of the year. Nowadays, Twenty One Pilots is touring all around the country celebrating their success with fans both new and old alike. But, what is next step for them? Nothing has been mentioned regarding a new album, and with Blurryface approaching two years old, there is a growing curiosity as to what the band’s next move is. Let’s say that the band begins producing new tracks today and a new album releases early next year (hypothetically of course), will the general public still accept them the way they did for Blurryface? Part of the reason for that album’s explosion into popularity was because how it was different from what the norm from most Mainstream songs. But the longer it takes for new works to come out, the more Mainstream Pop itself will change, and this inevitable change jeopardizes the band’s shot at becoming big hits once again.

Picture Courtesy of Christopher Mark

Picture Courtesy of Christopher Mark

Of course, if Twenty One Pilots becoming popular was something you didn’t like then this won’t matter to you, but it is always nice to see and Alternative band break out and show more people what this genre has to offer?

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