Why Despicable Me 3 Should Take Risks

Despicable Me 3 was released yesterday, and it’s interesting to think about the position this movie is in. Not only is this the third movie in the franchise (which means that the idea pile is starting to dwindle), but this property is also a guaranteed cash cow. Honestly, as long as it has minions in it, millions of Facebook Moms will come in droves (and yes, mine is just as guilty) to see their favorite pill-shaped creatures as well as some of the other members of the returning cast.

The company responsible for this now seven year old brand is Illumination Animation. This company initially came on the scene with Despicable Me 1 and has seen a steady flow of hit after hit ever since (except for one or two blunders). A common criticism they often receive is that their movies play it too safe, that they seem afraid to take risks that could possibly alienate audience members and not appeal to the widest audience possible.

Perhaps if they really try to challenge the reputation they have, Illumination Animation could create a film that could be hailed as a new animated classic. And why not go for it with Despicable Me 3? This film is probably going to be the end of the series anyway (seriously, they have create a Despicable Me 4, I’ll be quite surprised) so hopefully they decide to really think out of the box and really wow audiences.

Of course, I say this as if the film isn’t already completed, but hey, a fool can dream.

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!