Fireworks Product Recalled After Cases of Exploding…Wow, What a Surprise

Yup, we’re doing this. The popular fireworks brand TNT recently had to do a recall on one of their products, and believe it or not, it wasn’t the fireworks. Instead, one of their other products is making quite the explosion nowadays (Yes, I’m putting a quarter into the Bad Pun Jar as we speak). Reports had come from people in four states that the companies’ colored Ammo Smoke cylinders were immediately exploding instead of a controlled sizzle of colored smoke as planned. TNT has now fully recalled the product from those states and is currently trying to find and fix the error that cause these explosions to happen.

Just take this as a reminder that even if you feel as though you are a fireworks expert, even the people who work with these things for a living make mistakes every once in a while. Be sure to be at least a little careful this July 4th weekend.

Apologies sounding like a parent turning something cool into a lecture there, perhaps when the actual holiday rolls around, my mindset will be more colorful and explosive…DANG IT, another quarter for the Jar then.

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!