Giving Alt Classics New Sound

As we play classic after classic this Rewind Weekend it is quite easy to simply escape into the funkiness of the jams and experience nostalgic memories as we tune in, but what if we tried to capture that same magic within current alt songs? While it may seem that copying styles of legendary bands and songs seems like the fast track to achieve this goal, it isn’t quite that easy. Long story short, it’s impossible to fully recapture the magic of older works. When a classic is born, its development was molded by not only the band, but also the world the band lived in as well. Something the band noticed or saw around them during that time play a key role in their works.

But modern elements can be used to revitalize older hits. An amazing example has to be Save Ferris’s cover of “Come On Eileen” by Dixie’s Midnight Riders. This cover utilizes better instrumentation and an all around more unique sound altogether. Look below for a link to the song to fully understand what I mean. This cover allows not only a new audience to discover the song, but it also inspires others to experiment and perfect their own style. As a fun game, think of some songs that would benefit from a cover by a current band? Something like Cake doing a Ramones song, or Muse covering Nirvana.

Come On Eileen Cover by Save Ferris:

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!