Something that Should Exist but Doesn’t: A Kazoo Cover of Seven Nation Army

Plenty of people nowadays want to leave their mark on this Earth. To be able to say that “Yeah, I DID do that, you’re welcome” and truly make a mark on the world. Many people take up music to fill this need, either as a musician or a loyal and dedicated fan who does whatever they can to help their band. But doing things like that is not easy, and to put in the time needed in order to be successful is beyond many, so what’s a quick way to get famous and leave a mark without working for years and years on end? easy, keep the premise simple.

Covers of songs have been around for decades, and with the revolution of the internet, the amount of covers has only skyrocketed. To stand out from the crowd, a person has to put a new twist on the song they’re covering, and many times a switch in instrumentation is what it takes.

Seven Nation Army is one of the few songs where it seems like EVERY guitar player knows by heart, so perhaps is someone were to copy the music through a kazoo (honestly just the guitar solo alone would be enough), it would be funny, entertaining, and take just enough skill to where people would impressed with what they saw.

Seriously, go try it out, send it us on our social media if you can.

A good point of reference if you actually want to try it out:

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!