Imagine Dragons’s song “Thunder” say Thunder over 70 TIMES

Yes, you read that right. One of the newest songs from I.D (I guess that works as an abbreviation) uses the same word over and over again for whatever random reason.

Here’s the rundown, the total count for the whole song is 74 “thunders”. Dan Reynolds is responsible for almost half of those himself with 38 thunders being said in the three minute song. While the remaining 36 thunders being done by the stylistic female vocal in the back (Of course, I assume it’s a lady, but knowing my luck it’s probably just Dan Reynolds being pith-shifted and edited in post production).

My first idea as to why they chose to do this would be because maybe they were going for more of a club hit, one to play while people are dancing and letting loose, but I can’t help to think that people listening would just get annoyed after a while.

Regardless, at the end of the day it isn’t my job to critique bands, so I wish I.D the best of luck on their new album. Be sure to check it out for yourself in the link blow to hear the song yourself: (Video Property of Interscope Records)

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!