Smash Mouth’s “All Star” in Kazoo Form

Go ahead, reread the title, I’m sure you read it right the first time.

Every generation there seems to be those few, special songs that go and inspire or awaken something inside all who listen. This phenomenon happened in the 90’s when Smells Like Teen Spirit first released, where people began to look at an more aggressive side to themselves, as the song would conjure rebellious and angry feelings without the listener being legitimately angry because of something they heard about before the song played. Today, this same response has been replicated, but with the emotions in question being from the other end of the emotion spectrum.

Many people who grew up back when Smash Mouth made their big hit see it as a portal to a simpler time in their lives, and many of these same people have gone back to re-listen to it again out of curiosity. What they found (and the reason the song is seen as both light-hearted and a bit of a joke) was a unique sound not replicated back then or even today. Many can just quote the first line, and many will respond with either a smile or the next lyric.

One person has chosen to show his dedication in a more expressive way

A man by the name of Tsuko G. on YouTube has created a cover of All Star with only kazoos and drums. Crazy I know, but the production is more polished than one may expect, and the video is sure to be the most interesting thing you see today, and you may even find yourself in a better mood!

The Video in question:

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!