Solar Eclipse Visible Soon!

On August 21st, the planets and the heavens will literally align so that Americans can once again be witness to a sight they haven’t seen since 1918, a Total Solar Eclipse. I won’t go into detail into what causes eclipses because you all should probably know it by now (yeah, it’s not that I forgot myself or anything…seriously). But throughout the 21st, the eclipse will shift from slight to full to back to slight as it travels across the continental united states, with the Greatest eclipse planned to happen between Missouri and Tennessee. We here in Arizona won’t be able to see too much of it, but it’s still an exciting even to be apart of.

This is the planned path!

This is the planned path!


For College students this day is even stranger as some colleges star their fall semesters on that same day, so maybe class will be cancelled or students could make the excuse of “Spooky Sky Stuff” for not coming to class and try to enjoy one more day of summer.

Regardless, Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!