Marvel Fans Are Panicking About A Glove

Marvel and Disney have quite the control over people, don’t they?

People are always ravenous about movies based on Marvel properties, especially when it come to Avengers films, the metaphorical head that almost all of their creations lead up to. Now, the third Avenger film titled “Avengers: Infinity War” is set to release in May of 2018, but a handful of people seem to be looking even further in the future with fans starting to speculate what the 4th film will be about.

Recently, The directors for the 4th Avengers Film (Which doesn’t have a name yet) posted a picture that been tossing fans into a tizzy. The picture is of a purple glove with only 4 of the fingers showing…and that’s it. People are guessing this either means who ever owns this glove will be an important member of the cast, or it will be an important memento to someone else. Sadly, this is all fans have to go off of, so know only time can give us more of the details we’re looking for. Avengers 4 is plan to release early summer of 2019, and Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!