Comedic Pop Punk Medley “All the Old Things” is AWESOME

Sometimes, we can catch ourselves reminiscing about the past. Maybe things were easier, or they were people or memories that we remember fondly. This can be especially true with music, with certain songs encompassing parts of life in general. For example, for me, Capital Cities’s “Safe and Sound” will always remind me of summertime, back when there were little to no responsibilities thrust before me and I could just lounge around and in retrospect be a useless lump in my parent’s home. Now when we play that song, a get a twinge of nostalgia and a boost to my overall mood. Of course, for most of our listeners these kind of nostalgic tunes fall under the late 90’s early 2000’s Pop Punk Scene. Well, time to enjoy all those songs again with a comedic spin. YouTube Act, Sunrise Skater Kids released a video a while back called “All the Old Things” which perfectly combines Pop Punk Classics with the themes of growing old.Pop Punk Retrospective

Feel old and young at the same time by checking out the video!:

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!