OneRepublic in Phoenix Soon, Check Out Some of Their Underrated Hits!

OneRepublic is set to preform in Ak-Chin Pavilion this Tuesday (Don’t worry, there’s still tickets left, for a decent price too!) And if you either are going to the show, or just going to check it out on Twitter afterwards, it may do some good to remind you of some of there underrated hits. That way, if they actually play any of these songs, you can pretend that you already knew it and impress those around you.

First off is “If I Lose Myself” from the album Native. This song was initially released back in 2013, so it’s not horribly old, and it holds pretty good on its own. This song starts off kind of quietly, but ramps up towards the end, and the lyrics make it one of the band’s more emotional tunes. Of course, this was 2013, so the song has an electronic music break towards the end, but don’t let that stop you (Unless you like that, then more power to ya). My only guess as to why this didn’t launch off like their other songs of that time was that it WAS too quiet and slow in tempo to get public audiences jamming.

The Second one for today is one of their older pieces named “Everybody Loves Me”. Released in 2008, off of their Waking Up album, this song boasts a melodic beat that interests the listener to the lyrics, the likes of which range from kind to almost spiteful at times. Hopefully this song is either a discovery or a surprising reminder to OneRepublic fans.

I’ll have links down below to both of the songs, so be sure to check ’em out and get yourself musically prepared for what will be an awesome show this Tuesday!

If I Lose Myself Video (Property of Interscope Records):

Everybody Loves Me (Lyric Video):

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!