Discussion: Vinyl Records, Are they Up to the Hype?

As we celebrate this Rewind Weekend you may be tempted to look deep into your closet and open up some forgotten memories. These could be old toys back from when you were younger, or pictures that remind you of the good old days, complete with places you haven’t been to in a while, and faces of people who may be far away. While almost everyone has those few precious treasures they only pull out once or twice a decade, others are more keen to holding on to older items, especially vinyl records. Since the early 2010’s vinyl records have been seeing quite the comeback, with the once old and dying recording method being now seen as a viable alternative to digital sales and streaming. But does the product as a whole hold up to it’s competition? Well, adopters of vinyl records swear that the audio quality is second to none and gives listeners the best possible experience, and in my limited experience, I can agree. Productions on vinyl sounder fuller and leave more of an impact on those who are listening.

But what about the price? When comparing to streaming and digital sales, vinyl losses without a doubt, and that has definitely limited the audience who follow this medium.

But at the end of the day, I want to know YOUR standpoint. Go ahead and comment down below of hit up our social media and tell us what you think!

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!