Rewind: The History behind Doc Martens

As we all enjoy this Rewind Weekend, let’s look back at a definite staple of 90’s culture…those Doc Marten kicks.

The story actually begins in WWII Germany surprisingly enough, where we find the man himself, Klaus Maertins. The story goes that in 1945 Klaus was on leave and he had injured his foot in a skiing incident. By the time he had to report back to work, he found his army boots quite uncomfortable, so he had made some improvements to help reduce the pain. Little did he know at the time that these changes would be the very same ones that created the Doc Marten look, air-padded soles and all.

After the war had ended, Klaus had used leather he had…”Liberated” from a store to create a civilian version of his boots, and he began to sell them, but early sales were pathetic, and Klaus was worried that he had just wasted his time and money. All fears would be dissuaded after Klaus’s University friend named Dr. Herbert Funck came in with some new design ideas and before they knew it, their shoes, called Doc Martins sold quite well with German women over 40. Not the audience Klaus intended to have, but hey success is success.Insert this puppy

After some time with their own factory in Germany, Klaus and Funck scored it big with agreeing to be made by UK Manufacturing giant, R. Griggs Group (who added a bit more height to the heel) and the shoes hit popular UK shelves in April of 1960. The shoes were quickly adopted by British Gang members and became a staple of the unclean and dangerous look. The shoes would then be inherited by the UK’s Punk scene in 1970, and has been looked upon as footwear for difference makers and game changers ever since.

Enjoy this 3-Day Weekend everybody, in any way you can!

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!