Even Fried Chicken is Getting Smarter

Like, technology-wise at least. Recently over in Hangzhou, China Kentucky Fried Chicken (which is extremely popular in China) recently built a concept restaurant where customers could pay for their meal with a smile. That’s it, a simple flash of the teeth (and an input of their phone number) and the customer is charged for their meal.

Like this, but with 100% more Fried Chicken

Like this, but with 100% more Fried Chicken

While this may seem like a new revolution in technology, many companies (the likes of which includes Samsung and MasterCard) have been working on and slowly perfecting this type of technology for a few years now. It seems as though by the time this decade wraps up, this technology will begin to rollout into the general public, and maybe even one day the idea of paying for items with cash and cards will be an act of the past. But, as per usual only time will tell!

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