New iPhone May Cost Up Towards $1000?!?

As per usual with this time of year, people all over are wondering what Apple’s next iPhone will be like. Will there be a new exterior design that blows away the competition? Will it somehow integrate VR? Or maybe it will cost you a thousand bucks…wait, what?

Yes, some rumors have been coming out saying that Apple’s next phone will not only come in three versions, but that the newest, fanciest version will cost a clean $1000 to make your own. Obviously, this presents quite the issue for regular, middle-class consumers as the idea of spending a thousand on a phone is a bit tough to swallow. These same rumors also state that the Home button found on all iPhones to some capacity will be forgone entirely for face recognition. The previously mentioned two other versions are rumored to be more powerful versions of the iPhone 7, with the 1000 dollar machine being a new beast entirely.

One again, this is all speculation and Apple is set to hold a conference this coming Tuesday, so we’ll know for sure what the iPhone’s future is but until then let’s just enjoy the speculation.

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!