“The Orville”…Do We Want Another Seth MacFarlane Show?

Tonight marks the night for the premiere of a new FOX Comedy called “The Orville” which looks to be a spoof on Star Trek and other space adventures. The main draw bringing audiences to the TV is Comedy Giant Seth MacFarlane being the lead actor and creator of the show. trailers have made it look interesting so far, but will there be enough substance behind the show to keep audiences coming back? That is yet to been seen.

While I’m one to fight for more satire and parody in TV, it is a tad concerning that Macfarlane is in charge. Seth has become synonymous with repetitive jokes and styles. This man at one point had three different shows on at the same time that not only used the same animation style (Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, and American Dad), but also used the same delivery of the same jokes as well. This reputation alongside the history of quality regarding FOX Comedies has made The Orville one which audiences seem at least skeptic of.

But let’s give it a chance, for all we know it could surprise all of us and become the next TV sensation!

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!