Japan Develops Robotic Dog That Detects Smelly Feet

Japan, you never fail the rest the world when it comes to surprising us with what you create.

This little 6-inch long pupper is capable of smelling the area around it with various Oder sensors, and if the robotic dog (named Hana-chan)smells a problem, it can fix it in no time!

From the website where this discovery was initially found, (Next Technology), it has been found that if Hana-chan sells any dirty feet, it can spray out a little bit of air freshener to help alleviate the problem temporarily. I can only hope that the air freshener comes from the dog’s mouth, because the idea of a dog ralphing on you in order to make its owner smell better is an idea I find too hilarious.

Hana-chan is set to come out early next year, and will cost around…900 dollars

Welp, I guess there are just some things in life that we just aren’t meant to have. Also, Pictures are hard to come by for this thing, so you may want to just look on Next Technology’s Website

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!