For All Those Bands Who Haven’t Released New Music or have Simply Faded Away

Everyone has that one band they loved but for some reason they seemed to disappear. Often, the fates of these bands is left unknown by their fans and many people are left in the dark for sometimes years.  An example of this would be the early 2010’s band Neon Trees, who had two massive hits, with “Animal” in 2010 and “Everybody Talks” in 2012, but could never quite re-capture the magic afterwards. Maybe one day they’ll come back, or maybe never again…no one really knows.

This concept also applies to bands who never got more than one huge hit also. Let’s look no further than Scissor Sisters. While “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin'” was huge a little over a decade ago, the band has been left to fade into obscurity and eventually into nothing.

So, just think back to an old song that left an impression on you but you never really liked fully. Or maybe even think of those bands that you loved but you felt they didn’t get a fair chance. Type them down below in the comments and maybe other readers will discover interesting tunes that they had missed out on all those years ago.

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!