“Believer” Still Seeing Consistent Play Even After Almost 8 Months After Release

Yes, I’m talking about EVOLVE again…strange, isn’t it?

“Believer” from Imagine Dragons has become without a doubt the biggest hit from their EVOLVE album which dropped earlier this year, but let’s all take a step back and realize how long we’ve been jamming to this song. Many of us first heard the song when it was dropped on February 3rd, and while it was different from what we usually hear from I.D but it was still something to get excited for. Jump head two days later where “believer” was used in a Super Bowl commercial from Nintendo promoting their new console, the Nintendo Switch. Whether or not you’re a sports person, an estimated 111 million people were watching the game, and it would be fair to say around 80% of that audience saw the advert and therefore the song (the other 20% might have gone for a bathroom break, I’m guessing). “Believer” then entered the mainstream and it seems to have not left since. Today EVOLVE is at #13 on Billboard’s top 100 albums for the year, and “Believer” is still being played daily by a multitude of Pop stations all across the country.

Is this prolonged fame justified, or overbearing? Tell us what you think in the comments below. To me, it’s always great to hear an ALT act break into the mainstream but I also don’t want I.D to become known as one-trick ponies.

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!