Halloween Time Has Begun!

October has finally rolled around so it’s time to bust out the costumes and get ready to get spooked. Maybe you’ll spend time this month to watch some of your favorite scary movie, or maybe see what freighting tales grace the theaters today. (My recommendation for one flick to watch would be Monster Squad, it’s older but perfect in all the right ways.) Perhaps you’re one of the more social types and plan to go to one if not numerous Halloween parties on the 31st, if that’s the case then it’s time to bust out awesome costumes that will help you stand out. Perhaps a zombie Kool-Aid man where instead of Kool-Aid its the blood you’ve absorbed from your prey (I guess that could also work as a vampire variant). Another is a skeleton Animal Tamer that controls legions of bony beasts with your bone whip. Note to self, save the term “Bone Whip” for a more romantic occasion…like Valentine’s Day.Spoopy

Just wanted to a quick celebration/idea gathering in order to celebrate the season at hand, and with that said let’s get spooky!

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!