Capital Cities, What Happened?

Remember these guys? I wonder where they went.

Believe it or not, their huge hit, “safe and Sound” released over 6 years ago…and now I feel old. Regardless, with such a huge hit under their belts, what happened? Why haven’t we seen more of them in the charts since then? Well, let’s just what’s happened since their big hit and see where things went askew.

It’s summer of 2011, “Safe and Sound” has now peaked at #8 in the pop charts and #1 in the Alternative charts, and Capital Cities now has to make the dreaded follow-up single that will decide how their careers pan out. That next year they would release this important song in the form of “Kangaroo Court” another song from the same album, In A Tidal Wave of Mystery, which only got to number 50 in the rock charts…that’s anticlimactic.

What happened to “Kangaroo Court” would become a pattern for Capital Cities, as this same process would replicate itself in both 2014 and 2016 with their songs “One More Minute” and “Vowels” respectively.

Fast foreword to 2017, where Capital Cities actually released a new EP called “Swimming Pool Summer” in July…and that’s it, no fanfare seems to have graced the Ep yet, but maybe in time a new number hit can be discovered.

Hopefully that fills your curiosity crevasse about what happened to Capital Cities after there breakout earlier in the 2010’s. Do you think they deserved better? Be sure tell us either in the comments or hit us up on our Twitter and Instagram!

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!