America’s Favorite Candy is…

Not Hershey’s chocolate surprisingly enough!

A survey was recently held on USAToday asking all of their users which was their favorite snack to find in there candy bags every Halloween. After a total of over 85’000 votes, the results came in, and what rose to the top was quite surprising. The winner was Reese’s Cups, winning 29% of the total votes, with M&Ms and Hershey’s falling right behind with 23 and 17% respectively.

I was hoping Kit Kat would come out on top, but I guess it getting 5th place will have to do. Oh well, congratulations to all you Reese’s fan’s out there, I hope the victory is sweet.

Hope you get to enjoy all your favorite sweets (and scares) this coming Tuesday!

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!