Super Mario Odyssey is Out, And it’s AWESOME

After waiting for almost a year (which felt more like an eternity) Super Mario Odyssey released yesterday and people are going bonkers for it. The gameplay is a return to the explorative style that made an industry-wide splash back in Super Mario 64 over 20 years ago, and creeped back up in Super Mario Sunshine in 2002. If hearing this makes you feel old, my sincerest apologies, but maybe Odyssey will remind you of the old days as the platforming style is so similar. While it may sound like Odyssey is a simple retread of what worked in the past, there are enough new mechanics (like Capturing and controlling enemies to do what you want) to let Odyssey to stand on its own.

Personally as of writing this, I’ve only been through the first level, but if the rest of the game is at least as good as the first world, then we have quite the game on our hands.

You know a game is special when the lowest review you can find gives it an 8/10, definitely a big game for this holiday season!

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!