Favorite Halloween Traditions and Films

With Halloween being so close, it only make sense to watch and/or marathon all the Horror Film classics. We’re talking Friday the 13th, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, all the other astounding Horror flicks that came about during that era. Or maybe you’ll find yourself tuning into some of the 1950’s Hammer films like Dracula, and The Mummy. Perhaps you may enjoy the decline into ridiculousness that is the Saw series.

Personally, as someone who can’t take being scared (I know, what a party-pooper) I usually watch The Nightmare Before Christmas in order to get in the Halloween mood. well, that and buying way more candy than I know what to do with, but so be it.

What are some of your favorite Horror films? Or even some of your Halloween Traditions? Be sure to tell us down below in the comments that share some that spooky season celebrating that we wait all year to do.

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!