Early Thor: Ragnarok Reviews are Exploding with Praise

Just when I thought that Marvel was starting to get stale and people would start to get bored of their productions. Thor: Ragnarok opened recently and both audiences and critics love how it deviates (albeit a little) from the norm of Marvel Films. All across the review boards, it’s common to see 4/5’s and scores within the 90% range from almost all sites so far. Obviously, there probably is a bit of New Film Hype pushing the score up a little, but this reception is still quite warm all things considered.

Many reviews attribute the lofty scores to the overall tone of the film. Thor: Ragnorak’s biggest selling point is the fact that the possibility for comedy is an option at any given moment. This is much like Guardians of the Galaxy, but Guardians has their own brand of humor they stick to, while giggles are a sight mostly uncommon with Thor films besides two or three one-liners.

Perhaps Marvel will take this to heart and try to shift some of the tones of their future projects, but knowing them, they probably have the next 17 movies already scripted out. But hey, only time will tell!

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!