Disney Plans to Create Streaming service Cheaper than Netflix

Sounds Tempting yeah?

Earlier this week, Disney had unveiled some further plans about their streaming service. Now, the service doesn’t have a name or even a clear library yet, but Disney has clear goals for the service…To take a chunk out of Netflix. And that may be easier than it seems, given that not only does Disney have access to all of their in-house creations, but to both Star Wars and Marvel as well. Collectively this bundle is nothing to sneeze at, but Disney understands that they will have less volume than Netflix so they announced that to accommodate that size difference, they will offer users a lower price than Netflix. Now what that price will be is up in the air, all they said was they will look at Netflix’s rates and plan accordingly. My only speculation as to why they are waiting is because Netflix is currently going though a “Price Puberty”, meaning that Netflix is growing and trying to settle on a new price for its services.

Will Disney be a competitive streaming rival, or will they be steam rolled by current businesses? Only time will tell.

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!