The Special Opportunity Justice League Has

This Holiday Season it seems as if DC’s Justice League is the only big new super hero flick for audiences to see, besides Thor: Ragnarok, but at this point a majority of audiences have already seen the film. For DC, this is Put Up or Shut Up Time as this is their chance to follow through on the great groundwork Wonder Woman had, and fully cement DC as a consistently entertaining studio. It seems as though as of late, DC has not had the best luck in delivering a widely enjoyable product. The Dark Knight Series was enjoyable, but then Suicide Squad left mixed reaction. More recently, audiences adored Wonder Woman, and then Batman V. Superman left audiences conflicted once again.

For mainstream audiences Justice League is not only a collection and celebration of DC’s films, but if Justice League does exceptionally well, then this could be the starting point for a new era of DC films, one where audiences are excited for each new release and Marvel begins to feel a tad uneasy about their dominating position.

That is all of course yet to be seen, but hopefully this film is just what audiences are looking for.

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!