Homemade Rocket Launch to Prove the Earth is Flat Delayed

It’s stuff like this that makes me love the human race.

A self-taught rocket scientist named Mike Hughes plans to hop aboard one of his creations and go on a trip to prove that the earth is indeed flat. While it may seem like a homemade rocket could have issues flying, Mr. Hughes has came up with a plan to aid is rocket in getting those crucial first 1000’s feet of altitude. He plans to use a mobile home he bought as a ramp to help the rocket.

Hughes is a limo driver who has been the past few years learning and creating rockets, and he has worked arduously spending over 20,000 dollars on the plane he planned to fly yesterday, but some issues have come up. The U.S bureau of Land Management told Hughes that he did not have the required permits to legally launch the rocket, and this, alongside mechanical issues with the rocket itself have caused Hughes to delay the flight.

As to when he will see his project take flight is yet to be confirmed, but Hughes plans to try again next week, as well as stresses that people should follow his YouTube Channel for Updates.

Hopefully this put a bit of a chuckle in ya, and Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!