YouTube Hints at NEW Music Streaming Service

YouTube is expanding…again…maybe this one will stick.

Earlier this week, YouTube (actually Google/Alphabet) announced that a new music streaming service will be reaching the website some time next year. The plan for the service, which is currently titled “Remix” (This name could easily change though), is to have music to stream and incorporate regular videos to some extant.  At this point the details are all a tad fuzzy.

Now, this concept isn’t exactly new, anyone who is a member of the premium program YouTube Red has been able to experience all the music YouTube has to offer ad-free, as well as their own original productions. So, what makes “Remix” different? well, no one really knows… The thing about Google and especially YouTube is that they have a destructive habit of staying quiet and not communicating directly to people. Will this program be able to stand alongside similar services like Apple Music and Spotify? Well, only time will tell!

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!