Security Robot Fired for Bothering Homeless

Seems like robots haven’t mastered the art of “Reading the Room” quite yet. Over in San Francisco, the local branch the SPCA (A national group dedicated to protecting animals) decided to invest in a 398-pound security robot to help deter crime around the facility like car break-ins and the like. Initially, it did do its job and crime did lessen around the area, but then it seems that the robot got a bit power mad, as it began to proceed to bother homeless people who were resting in the area.

The local people saw what was happening and the community most certainty responded. Seeing this as an unfair attack on people who already have it hard enough as it is, some people took it upon themselves to do things like wrap the robot in a tarp, and even smear it in…Barbeque Sauce. In response, the San Francisco SPCA announced they are returning the bot back to the company and deeply apologize for the over-extensions the robot committed.

There’s something you didn’t think you’d read today huh? But regardless,

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