“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” Receiving Modest to Low Audience Scores

Well, didn’t think we would be here anytime soon.

On the 15th Disney released the newest installment of the legendary Star Wars Movie Franchise, and people have been so excited that it seemed as though as long as it was released audiences would rejoice. Well, at least now two days after the film has released audiences have been expressing…disinterest and slight contempt to the film. On rotten tomatoes, the film currently has a 57 among the 83,000+ audience reviews, as well as a measly 5.0/10 on metacritic. This is quite the longshot from the 9.0/93%’s the film is receiving from film critics, and while the division between critic and casual audience member can be noticeable, this seems to be extreme.

Perhaps over time, more people will see the film and have more positive reactions toward it, but for now we find ourselves in a strange time where not only are audiences not happy, but Disney themselves is reclining to comment on the initial reactions. As someone who has seen the film, I can say this: This reaction is not completely shocking. (NO SPOILERS, I PROMISE) For many, Star Wars is a film franchise that houses many great films and many memories, and the common description of being called a “Western film in Space” has fit nicely in the installments people love the most (Episodes IV, V, and VI). For The Last Jedi, I would say change that mindset to now a “War film in Space”. While not entirely serious, going in with the mindset of everything being super cool and expecting an amazing globe-trotting adventure could leave you a tad disappointed. It seems as though Star Wars: The Last Jedi wants to remind people that there is a reason war is half the title.

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