Hulu’s “Puppies Crash Christmas” Hopes to Become A New Tradition

Turns out puppies are great no matter the time of year.

As we all settle down this holiday season we may find ourselves rehashing old traditions. The same lights up on the house, the same Christmas movies, and the same 24-hour log burning marathon on the TV. Well, Hulu is giving burning wood a run for its money (Truly this is the most difficult task Hulu has ever faced). This holiday season, those of you with Hulu Subscriptions have the ability to watch a Hulu-Produced Christmas Special, called “Puppies Crash Christmas”.

The half hour special follows a collection of pups from an assortment of all breeds climbing out of Santa’s bag and subsequently demolishing traditional Christmas scenes as cutely as possible. Cookies, presents, and even figurines of St. Nick aren’t safe as these pups get their paws on all of the scenery.

Hulu posted a 15-second teaser for everyone to see on YouTube earlier this week, and lets just say, it looks quite promising!

Here’s the link for the teaser:

Until Next Time, Alt Rock on!