Apple Lessens Battery Replacement Prices Amidst Controversy

Turns out telling customers you’re making a decision for them does not pan out well.

After word had gotten out that apple had released a software update where older phones were intentionally slowed, people were obviously angered. Apple stated that this was done in order to appropriately handle the batteries getting older so that the phone wouldn’t display the wrong battery charge and shut down expectantly. On the 28th Apple issued a formal apology to its consumers on its website and also announced that they will have battery replacements be reduced in price from 79$ to 29$ starting and going throughout 2018. This battery replacement program only applies for  iPhones 6 and up, and these replacements will return the phones to their Day 1 speeds.

Hooray, now if you have a relatively new iPhone, you can now PAY to fix a problem they caused for you… That’s Apple for ya, they never do things exactly the way they should, but hey this helps so it’s fine in the end, still good news for iPhone Users!

Until Next Time, Alt Rock On!